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What about desire?

The practice of "somatic dialog Inquiry" follow´s the intention to deeply get to know oneself. In communication, in relation, in a felt-sense, while listening, in motion, in silence.

The force of (your heart´s) desire, is an elementary, essential drive of life. Desire has many forms, and can come in many way´s. All the way´s are connected with the heart. Even when the connection is not felt, it doesn´t mean that it isn´t there.

The human soul, the body, the mind, everything is driven by a certain desire, longing, craving to reach out living life as fully as possible. And we never really learned how to channel this natural force within us. So it got restrained, and displaced. Like a tiger in the Zoo. Still alive, but the gleaming, the sparkle in the eye´s vanished.

… a small list of the form it can take…

- a sensual way | sexuality, the lust to melt with a partner
- a longing to be meant as a human, to be seen, heard...
- a certain task in life | artist, scientist, teacher, parent, thief
- as the wish for children - birthing live into the world
- as material craving for - a nice car, beautiful house, a garden
- as a spiritual drive to find truth within, your heart´s secret
- as being part of a community

How is desire connected in you? What is desire for you?

We will first look into our believe systems, taking a small tour in a dialog inquery; using repeating questions, to get an Idea how our mind works arround this topic: Theres is one way we do SUPPORT, and a way we REPRESS this force within us. From there we peer into our body-mind experience. The inner quality connected with desire. Independent from the outside.

Desire can feel like a bubbling well, filling up the body from bottom to top, like life itself is flowing through you, like a fountain. This experience can reach from tiny sparkles into a deep, profound, mature and ripe physio-energetic feeling - the essential aspect of desire.

The practice includes movement, sound, imagination, interaction and awareness. This format leads playfull into a deep inner experience, while being in a present contact with a partner and yourself.

Give as you feel. Price-orientation: 65 sfr. (If money is an issue, feel free to contact me) Lunch is included. Please bring a blanket to lie/sit on.

Time frame:

09.15 - 09:30 Arrival
09.30 – 12.00 First Session
12:00 - 12:45 Lunchbreak (Organic vegetable soup)
12.45 - 14.00 Integration

Date: 24.10.20

Atelier Goldbrunnen
8055 Zürich