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What about silence?

The practice of "somatic dialog Inquiry" follow´s the intention to deeply get to know oneself. In communication, in relation, in a felt-sense, while listening, in motion, in silence.

We all looking for relaxation, silence, peace - wellbeing. All kind of efforts we take on to find that (inner) peace. Around that, we have developed many ideas - a system which acutually try´s to avoid those peaceful moments in daily life.

In this workshop we will bring more awareness into this topic. We will become more clear of our inner structure, including the somatic, as well as the mental aspects. We adressing - while using repeating questions as a tool - the three main centers: mind | heart | belly – from there we naturally turn towards the field of beingness, where silence is one aspect of our nature.

The method has it´s roots from processoriented psychology, transpersonal processwork, and other multifaceted spiritual and native teachings. It includes movement, sound, imagination, music and awareness. This format leads playfull into a deep inner experience, while being in a present contact with a partner and yourself. The main work are receptive questions

How are we creating silent moments, and how do we avoid it?

We'll explore those layers more precisely and get a taste of...

• How we actually do it?
• How does it feel?
• How does it look like in motion?
• How can we access a state of silence instantly, through a shift of focus.

The process is divided into 5 flowing phases:

Arriving in the body
A shard talk about silence
„Somatic dialog Inquiry“; repetitive ping-pong questions in pairs
Contact excercises that lead deeper into the experience
Integration phase, silence, sharing

Language of instruction depending on the participants – German or English.

If you want to know more about me and this work you can find additional Information on the website.

Give as you feel. Price-orientation:

65 sfr. (If money is an issue, feel free to contact me) Lunch is included

Time frame:

09.15 - 09:30 Arrival
09.30 – 12.00 First Session
12:00 - 12:45 Lunchbreak (Organic vegetable soup)
12.45 - 14.00 Integration

Date: 26.09.20

Please bring a water bottle and a blanket to lie/sit on.

Looking forward to meet you:

Atelier Goldbrunnen
Birmensdorferstr. 272
8055 Zürich